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Date of Birth: 11/3

Background: born and raised in San Carlos, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I'm not an Islander, my Mom was born and raisd in Hawaii, so our family's heart is in the Hawaiian Islands. A lot of the family home life, culture, music and gatherings involved "da Islands brah!" Especially the kaukau (food)... They say in Hawaii people don't eat until they're full...they eat until they're TIRED!!!! Even to this day and large percentage of my waredrobe is made up of Hawaiian shirts....

Personal Stuff: my wife Kim (from the Peak afternoon show) and I met at a radio station in California about 6 years ago, we've been married for over 3 years...we got married during a rain storm (normal weather) on the beach in Washington state. I've been married before and have two great kids, Meghann and Joe, both now in their mid-20s. Yikeees!!!! Meghann is a manager at a large hotel casino in California and just bought her second home. Joe is a flying crew chief on an U.S. Air Force K-10 refueling tanker aircraft and has done a tour of duty in Iraq. He has been to every corner of the globe. I'm very proud of both my kids.

Favorite stuff to do: well, besides eating, I love the outdoors, camping, off roading and road trips...so I am especially happy here in Colorado. We have a Jeep and plan to get out onto the high country trails and old railroad grades as much as we can, and I'm going to try fly fishing. Railroads and model railroading also one of my main interests. I also paint, do freelance writing and photography for publications, mountain biking and playing music. I have been teaching myself mandolin, guitar and of course ukelele for all those old Hawaiian tunes.

Radio Stuff: radio is a third...or is it fourth...fifth, maybe?... profession for me. I dabbled in it during college but found a "Big Break" in photojournalism so I followed that path for more than two decades. I got back into radio in a few of the small communities I worked in and was lured into it full time by a station manager in California, for a position where I did on-air, news, plus photography and writing for their really in-depth community web portal.

Current Fav TV Show: I'm not a TV fan at all, but do love watching commercials more than the actual shows..don't ask me why. To list my all time favorite TV show would reveal my true age! Let's put it this way, it was in B&W.

Favorite Food: steamed Japanese rice, followed by Monapua, Malasdas, Spam and egg breakfast maki sushi rolls, raw Hawaiian line-caught Ahi with soy sauce and wasabi, Porterhouse steak with those canned fried onions, garden ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzerella chesse, cracked black pepper, balsamic and EVOO...and just about everything else....

All-time favorite beverage: 100 percent pure Kona Coffee-- not the blend, a really good Italian Valpolicella, or a bottle of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne...( Oh and I'm really starting to like Fat Tire, hummmm.)

Book: "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron

Website I Like: mine of course www.jksportsphoto.zoomshare.com www.joechefstudios.zoomshare.com, also reknown Colorado Springs based sports photographer Dave Black daveblackphotography.com

Who would I like to met: David Hume Kennerly (Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist and former White House photographer during the Ford admin.)

Favorite Salida Hangout: Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe...especially outside by the Arkansas River..when there's live music, sunshine and a light breeze... cold beverage...that's living Brah!

First Radio Gig: KCHO in Chico, Ca, College station where I decided it would be cool to get up at 5 a.m. to be the guy who got the station powered up each day and do the morning show...bad idea as a college student...I did get to play "RECORDS!"

What's on your refridgerator door? nothing...it's not magnetic...On the side, well, that's a different story...

If I had to leave the house in a flash: I really had to think about this living on the Washington coast with the threat of a tsunami all the time...We had a small survial pack in the Jeep all the time. Let's see...Ok, get Wife, Dog, grab my cameras, all the disks filled with thousands of images, important papers, make sure I had something on besides underwear, get wallet, keys, and my L.L. Bean ball cap with the battery powered lights built-in to the bill ... I know I'm forgetting something!

Guilty Pleasure: pure Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream

Pet Peeve: how do I narrow this down to one? OK, People who are driving through town, talking on their cell phone, munching a Big Mac, trying to shut their door while tuning the radio, yelling at their kids in the back seat of the mini van as their stupid little dog is sits in their lap drooling on the side view mirror and helping steer!

Favorite Group: Tower of Power...these are my boyz...East Bay grease, yo. Tight funk with a killer horn section...they still hit a grove. Plus any Jawaiian (Hawaiian Reggae) artists, like Marty Dread.

Pets: The Lillie-Meister-Dog-Miss-Thing

I knew I was an adult when: I'm not sure....When does THAT happen????

Favorite magazine: ok it's a toss-up...4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility, American Photographer, Shortline and Narrow Gauge Gazette, or Model Railroader

I feel strongly about: food being seasoned properly.... REALLY cold beer... Wiping water spots and smuges from my wine glass before bringing it to me in a restaurant...People not acting like idiots... and that God is in total control, it's just a lot of people don't know it yet.

You'd be surprised to know that: I trained 3 years in an European-style chef apprenticeship and worked for nearly 15 years as a professional chef and yes, I own a pair of red kitchen clogs.I also was a drummer in a few bands back in the late 70s early 80s.

Favorite thing about living in the Upper Arkansas Valley: looking out my kitchen window and seeing the Rockies, looking out my back porch and seeing the foothills and knowing I can get in the high country to play within minutes....plus LOTS OF SUNSHINE (remember I just came from Washington).

I still can't believe: I'm as old as I am....it can't be over yet...I have too much to do!

On my "Bucket List": compete in the Tenderfoot Mountain Hill Climb during FIBArk (hahahahaha!!!!), have my kids and family all together in one spot for a major holiday. Write and publish a book. Eat a meal at the French Laundry in the Napa Valley. Do the voice over for an animated character in a cartoon show or movie.

Weirdest CD in my collection: "Truck Driver's Boogie: Big Rig Hits Vol. 1, 1939-1969", or... Rick Derringer's Smooth Jazz versions of his old Edgar Winter Group rock songs...like Rock-n-Roll Hoochi-coo and Frankinstein. weird but smooth.

Favorite U.S. City: Kona, Hawaii

I'm the best at: keeping totally busy and being tollay bored all at the same time.

My #1 hobby is: Writing people's names on tiny grains of rice at my booth at the county fair. It's amazing, only $5. See for yourself! Use the magnifier!


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